What Can You Do To Straighten Your Hair?

Out of the billions of people in the world, there are only a few natural differences in our hair. Hair can be straight and thin or thick and wavy. Some people have hair that curls and other people have hair straighter than a ladder. 

Ironically, many people who have straight hair wish for wavy or even curly hair and the people who have curly hair wish to have straight hair. Thankfully, there are many different methods for changing your hairstyle. 

For instance, you could get a perm done and have curly hair for approximately six months. 

However, some people might not want a change in hairstyle as much as a reduction in the time spent keeping curly hair under control. In this situation, keratin treatments are available to help control and straighten curly hair.

What is a Keratin Treatment?

As the name might suggest, keratin straightening is a treatment that uses keratin and other organic and botanical extracts to smooth and de-frizz curly hair. 

In the eyes of someone who has had straight hair since birth, curly hair might seem preferable. However, many people with curly hair disagree. It is significantly harder to manage and maintain. 

It is also more difficult to properly brush and detangle. Even if you do manage to brush your curly hair, it can become frizzy, which may not look very nice. 

Overall, curly hair is much more difficult to manage than straight or wavy hair, which is why some people might seek out solutions such as keratin treatment.

What Does Keratin Treatment Involve?

Rather than using intense heat with a straightener, which can end up damaging your hair, keratin treatments use a balance of botanical and organic extracts to help curly hair become calmer. 

This can eliminate the risk of damaging your hair and making it even more difficult to manage. By using a mixture of nearly 100% natural extracts, your curly, unruly hair can be de-frizzed as well as nourished and strengthened.

The process involves using the keratin treatment shampoo and thoroughly massaging it throughout your hair and scalp. 

After that, the professional hair stylist will dry your hair with a towel and a blow dryer. Now that your hair and scalp have been properly prepared, the hair stylist will proceed with the keratin treatment. 

Once this is complete and the rest of the hair care is finished, the hair stylist will inform you about the best way to manage your hair and what products will help keep your hair straight for even longer. 

You will be able to enjoy the ease of having straightened hair as well as having healthier hair as well with the help of a keratin treatment done by professional hair stylists. No longer will you have to spend hours standing in front of a mirror trying to tame a lion’s mane of hair.

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