Follow These Tips To Remove Acne Scars [Works Really Great]

Having acne is affecting the sleep of many females. Not only females but also males are now becoming more and more victims of acne. 

This has caused many people to use expensive products to reduce the stains. But the scars remain the same.

So here we are going to offer some tips to reduce the acne scars.

Here Are Some Tips To Reduce Acne Scars:

Vitamin C : 

Vitamin C is highly effective in darkening black spots. It is a natural ingredient in many citrus fruits and is an ingredient used in many beauty products. 

After using Vitamin C-rich products, the dark spots disappear, leaving you with glowing skin. Tip: Choose a good vitamin C serum, wash it every day after a face wash.

Try Retinol: 

Retinol is one of the best ingredients to remove dark spots. Regular use of it prevents skin tone and any damage. 

It blends into the depth of the skin layers to treat dark spots that are not visible. So add retinol cream or serum to your skin care routine so that acne gets under control.


Buttermilk is rich in lactic acid, which is great for gently exfoliating dead skin cells and clearing out dark spots and brightening the skin. 

This will help maintain your skin’s pH level. Tip: Apply buttermilk to your face using a cotton swab. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then you can rinse.

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Lemon juice: 

Because it is a citrus fruit, it has a high vitamin C content. Lemon juice face packs can help people with oily skin and eliminate dark spots quickly. 

Tip: Make a face mask with one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then you can rinse.

Pimple Patch: 

Most of you should be aware of the amazing benefits of these. These patches are hydrocolloid bandages that can be applied to your acne and left all day. 

These will dry out the acne and gently exfoliate it without leaving any dark spots. 

Tip: Even if you go for a bath the patches remain. This will keep your pimples from getting infected.

Salicylic Acid: 

This ingredient is one of the most well-known acne fighters and also works with issues such as black spots. Salicylic acid is an exfoliating agent that removes acne-causing bacteria and dark spots along with other dead cells. 

Tip: Salicylic acid face cleanser should be used.

How long does it take for the black spots to disappear completely?

It depends on the treatment you choose. Retinol, may take two to three months. 

Vitamin C serums and masks work a little faster but it takes about two months for complete clear skin care. Laser therapy takes about four sessions, each with two weeks.

What routine should be followed to remove black spots caused by acne?

First of all, never rip your acne. Use a pimple patch or normal hydrocolloid bandage immediately after acne so it does not become black. 

Use products that purify and clean the pores. Apply a serum containing retinol at night. Always use sunscreen. Exfoliate twice a week.

What To Do With Accidental Acne ?:

Immediately clean and apply bandage, toothpaste to soothe and dry the bubble, or use essential oil to stop bleeding. It is applied with Aloevera gel which helps to prevent dark spots.


These were the methods which you can use to get rid of acne scars from your face and look better

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