Suzy Lamb Net Worth 2022 | Daystar Executive Producer

Suzy Lamb who is originally from Mumbai, India is the TV host and executive producer at Daystar. Even though Suzy Lamb was born in Mumbai, she quickly moved to Texas, United States. 

Suzy Lamb and her husband both host the show at Daystar known as “The Green Room”. In this article, we shall look into Suzy Lamb net worth and about their show known as The green room.

Suzy Lamb Net Worth and Career 2022

Suzy Lamb has studied Business in marketing at Dallas Baptist University which is a Christian-centered graduate school located in Texas.

While studying at Dallas Baptist University met Jonathan Lamb and they both got romantically involved with each other which ended up in marriage.

Jonathan Lamb is continuing the legacy of Daystar which was built by his parents  Marcus Lamb and Joni Lamb and is currently working as the Executive Director of Operations.

Suzy Lamb and Jonathan Lamb got married in 2011 and have been together since then. They both have 2 kids as well and their names are Israel and Arielle.

Suzy’s pure heart and great affection for others are what most people like in her. As Suzy sees it, her ultimate goal is to spread the love of Christ through acts of compassion, love, and encouragement. During her young age, Suzy hated being in front of the camera.

Every Saturday night at 8:30 p.m, Suzy and Jonathan host The Green Room on Daystar, where they talk about life-changing interactions and faith-building opportunities. There will be a lot of laughter and encouragement from the guests!

The green room show can be viewed by people all around the world and is uploaded on Daystar’s official website as well.

Suzy Lamb net worth is estimated to be around $800K.

Suzy Lamb is also starred in the TV series known as Ministry Now and also in the TV series Marcus & Joni.

Suzy Lamb Instagram

Suzy Lamb  is active on instagram with the name suzycatLamb and she is being followed by around 7K people. 

Suzy Lamb instagram profile

What is the Daystar Television Network?

Daystar is a faith and worship-based television network which was founded in 1997 by Marcus Lamb and Joni Lamb. Daystar television network’s headquarters is located in Bedford, Texas, United States.

If you are a believer in God and believe in faith and humanity then you need to follow this religious TV network. Our lives might be difficult and unclear at times. We all definitely need a little more motivation for the journey ahead and the good talks from the Daystar television network can help you.

Suzy Lamb and Jonathan Lamb have 2 youtube channels one is on personal life and another is regarding the “The Green Room”.

One channel is known as “TGR Daystar” (which has 5.17K subscribers) where Suzy Lamb and Jonathan Lamb have conversations with the guests and another channel is called “Live Love Lamb” (which has 2.23K subscribers) where they publish content on family trips and personal family activities.

Suzy Lamb is on Instagram and Twitter as well with the name Suzy Katriel Lamb.

Thoughts on Suzy Lamb

Hope you came to know about Suzy Lamb net worth and about their religious TV show. Let us know what you think about Suzy Lamb? Are you a believer in God or not?


How Old Is Suzy Lamb?

Suzy Lamb is 35 years old.

Who Are Suzy Lamb’s Parents?

Suzy Lamb’s Parents are Jai Sagar & Tanuja Sagar

What Is The Full Name Of Suzy Lamb?

Suzy Katriel Lamb is the full name of Suzy Lamb.

Where Is Suzy Lamb From?

Suzy is originally from mumbai india and her original name is Suzanna Sagar.

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