Sarah And Mike Howe Net Worth 2022 | Howe 2 Live YT Channel

When it comes to living an adventurous life, Sarah howe and mike howe both have been doing incredibly great.  

They both travel the world and capture their adventurous moments through various outdoor activities. In this article, we shall check out Sarah and mike Howe’s net worth and their YouTube channel.

Sarah and Mike Howe’s Net Worth

Mike Howe and Sarah Howe are both married to each other and both vibe together very well because they both love traveling and having adventurous activities.

They have a youtube channel named Howe 2 live where they upload their activities and share them with the world.

Howe 2 Live YouTube Channel

Howe 2 Live is a US-based youtube channel that was created in 2018. The channel has 51.8K subscribers with 38 videos being uploaded to date. 

The channel has total video views of more than 6.1 Million and they upload videos whenever they travel and have adventures.

It is estimated that they make around $2K from their YouTube channel. Sarah and Mike Howe both run Instagram and Facebook pages as well. Their Instagram page has 29K followers but their Facebook page has a massive amount of followers which is more than 513K.

The Facebook page of Howe 2 Live is very active and they sponsor posts from time to time through which they are making a pretty good amount of money.

Below is one of the videos uploaded on their YT channel:


Mike Howe and Sarah Howe are living their best lives and are trying to live their every day like it’s their last day. If you love adventure or something like boat riding and all then you can check out their YouTube channel.

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