Quartz Watches For Women | Why Do They Love It?

Each has their preference when it comes to watches. But with women, Quartz has become a common favorite. 

These timepieces are essential not only to be aware of the time, not being late for an event, or not getting delayed to work. This is a perfect accessory that you can match with your attire.

There are a variety of watches available in the market; quartz and mechanical. Still, Quartz remains as the best seller for most women. 

When talking about quartz watches, these are timepieces, which show accuracy and require only minimal maintenance. They are even less costly compared to other brands.

What is a Quartz Watch?

Quartz is a technology for timekeeping. Its electronic movements are often battery-operated. For a quartz watch, this is using an electronic oscillator that is synchronized by the quartz crystal. 

This makes the frequency precise movement of the quartz inside the watch.  Many are wondering if quartz watches are really that good. There are mechanical watches that are good but will never be as good as a quartz watch.

Why Women Choose Quartz Watch?

Though each woman has her own preference, Quartz is still a much-preferred choice. Many women prefer to use quartz watches because of the following reasons.

Quartz Watches Are Affordable: With the choices in the market, quartz watches are more affordable compared to mechanical watches. Despite them being affordable, they also match the quality and the technological innovation of other choices.

Numerous Designs to Choose From: Since quartz watches are very popular, many brands are making their own versions. 

And there are plenty to choose from: Each of the watches have intricate designs that are perfectly match the taste of women everywhere.

Low Maintenance Watches: The quartz watches are very easy to maintain. The batteries are also not difficult to find since they easily match and come with batteries that are available. No complication required.

High Accuracy: When it comes to accuracy, quartz watches are better. The time set-ups are more precise compared to mechanical watches.

Quartz – Why Is It Used In Watches?

Many of us use quartz on a daily basis. However, only some of us know that this element is hidden in our watches and clocks at home or in the office. 

Quartz is a composition of silica and oxygen and is considered as the most common mineral that you can find on Earth. Many might wonder why these crystal rocks are on their watches.

Quartz crystals are able to provide electricity when it is placed on a mechanical stress. It can convert voltage called piezoelectricity. 

The quartz crystals can maintain a frequency precision that aids in regulating our watches and clocks.

Women are very careful when it comes to choosing their watches. Most would want it to look elegant and classy. Some would want it to be sporty, so that they can use during their workouts. 

Others don’t really mind the appearance as long as it is accurate. With Quartz watches, all of these specs are possible. With a long list of brands that produce quartz watches, your choices are endless!

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