Larry Mazza Net Worth (2022) | How He Became a Mobster?

Larry Mazza is an American author, actor, and a former mobster of the Columbia mafia.

Larry Mazza was born in the year 1961 in Brooklyn, united states. As of 2022, Larry is 61 years old.

In this article, we shall discuss everything you need to know about Larry Mazza such as Larry Mazza net worth and his life story.

Larry Mazza Net Worth and Life Story

As we said earlier, Larry Mazza was a gangster but he had a very normal family in the sense his family wasn’t involved in any sort of criminal activities.

Larry Mazza’s father worked who worked as a firefighter in a fire department and his mother also worked at a bank. He also has a sister and a brother.

Larry Mazza went to a catholic school along with his sister and brother. Later he went to John Jay College of Criminal Justice which is a public school located in the NewYork city.

After completing his graduation, Larry Mazza started working and taking jobs such as newspaper delivery boy and many others.

Later Larry Mazza started working in a supermarket in 1978 when he was 18 years old.

Larry maza started delivering groceries at the supermarket and while doing that he met a woman named Linda. Larry and Linda both got involved with each other and had an affair even though was 29 years old married woman and larry was just 18 years old.

But little did Larry Mazza know that he was flirting and dating a woman who is the wife of the Columbia mafia boss and his name was Gregory Scarpa and everyone feared him.

But Larry Mazza later got close to Gregory Scarpa and was already doing some kind of business with him like helping him with his business and they even became good friends.

Soon later Gregory Scarpa came to know about larry’s intimate relationship with his wife and thankfully for Larry Mazza, Gregory was okay with it.

Gregory and Larry both sat in a club and discussed about it and Gregory said to larry that his relationship with Linda should not come to know to the outside world and remain only between them. And that’s how Larry Mazza got away with this.

Later on, Larry Mazza got involved more with Gregory Scarpa and his business and was even involved in the gambling business.

Then there started the Columba war where Larry Mazza was involved in shots and killings. 

Larry Mazza Jail Time

For his criminal offenses, Larry Mazza was sentenced to life in prison but luckily for him, the sentence was reduced to 10 years as he aided in the corruption by cooperating with the Feds.

During his life in prison, he has written a book about his mafia life and about his life story.

And now surprisingly, Larry Mazza is working as an actor and also selling his book named “The Life” that he had written of his life story as a gangster.

Larry Mazza has acted in movies such as I lived with a killer, I married a mobster, and the Irishman. 

The book that Larry Mazza had written is available on his website and you can buy it and read it for around $20.

Speaking of Larry Mazza net worth, we can expect it to be around $8 to $10M as of 2022.

The Bottom Line!

The journey of Larry Mazza from being a Columbia mobster to a good man after being sentenced and writing an inspiring book about his life is truly inspiring.

Even though Larry Mazza wanted to become like his father and do something else the circumstances and environment he was involved with made him to become a mobster.

Hopefully, you learned a lesson from Larry Mazza, and let us know what are your opinions/thoughts on Larry Mazza?

FAQs on Larry Mazza

Who Is Larry Mazza?

Larry Mazza became popular as a mobster in Columbia and was a good friend of the notorious gangster Gregory Scarpa.

Is Larry Mazza Married?

Yes, Larry Mazza is currently married to Kelly Guion in 2012 and they are living happily together.

Who Is Larry Mazza’s Ex-Wife?

Larry Mazza’s ex-wife’s name is linda schiro whom he met during his teenage.

How Old Is Larry Mazza?

Larry Mazza is 61 years old.

How much is Larry Mazza worth?

Larry Mazza net worth is more than $8M

Where Does Larry Mazza Live?

Larry Mazza currently stays in Florida with his wife and family.

Where Can One Read Larry Mazza’s Book?

Larry Mazza’s book is available on Amazon and also on his official website if ever wanna read it.

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