Haitian Jack Net Worth (2022) | Where is He Now?

Haitian Jack is from the Haiti country and belongs to the ethnic group called Haitian. Haitian Jack is a well-known figure in the rap and music industry.

Haitian Jack was born in the year 1963 at Haiti country and his parents were had connections in the political industry.

In this article, we will look into Haitian Jack net worth and more about him.

Haitian Jack Net Worth (2022)

Haitian Jack and his parents moved to the united states in the year 1986 after the overthrow of their country’s president. Haitian Jack and his family arrived in Brooklyn where he spent most of his childhood.

By that time, Haitian wasn’t good at English as he only spoke french and was getting bullied by his classmates at the school.

As Brooklyn was known for criminal gangs, Haitian Jack also started his criminal career by robbing the local drug dealers.

And during that time, he got in touch with well-known people such as Mike Tyson, Shawn Wilkins, pop singer Madonna, and many others.

Later Haitian Jack met actor and well-known rapper Tupac Shakur at manhattan in 1993 and they both socialized regularly with each other and got bonded.

Later Haitian Jack and Tupac Shakur were involved in some kind of criminal offenses and they had to serve jail time as well.

From the year the 2000s. Haitian Jack started working as a music manager for recording artists.

Later again 2004, Haitian was again involved in the criminal offense for shooting a man, and eventually in the year 2007 Haitian was deported back to his origin country i.e Haiti.

There has been a documentary created on Haitian Jack as well that is available on Amazon if you wanna watch it. The name of the documentary is “Haitian Jack Speaks”.

Speaking of Haitian Jack net worth, we can say his net worth would be around $5M. Haitian Jack accumulated his net worth mainly from his great connections with the top rappers, working as a music manager, and being a promoter.

Also, Haitian Jack had made a pretty good amount of money in terms of drug dealing as well.

There is also a mini TV series of Haitian Jack that consists of 8 episodes where it showcases Haitian Jack’s immigrant life from Haiti to becoming a well known personality.


Haitian Jack was a famous guy back in the 1900s and the rap fans loved him. Migrating from Haiti to the United States Haitian Jack has made a name for himself and got the public to talk about him and on his life story. 

What are your thoughts on Mr. Haitian Jack aka Jacques Agnant?


Where does Haitian Jack lives now?

Haitian Jack currently lives in the Dominic Republic

What is the real name of Haitian Jack?

Jacques Agnant is the real name of the Haitian Jack

Is Haitian Jack still alive?

Yes, Haitian Jack is still alive and doing pretty good.

How much is Haitian Jack worth?

Haitian Jack net worth can be estimated to be $5M

How old is Haitian Jack?

As of 2022, Haitian Jack is 59 years old.

Did Haitian Jack set Tupac up?

Haitian Jack had denied he didn’t had any hand in setting up Tupac but we never know what had really happened.

Why was Haitian Jack deported?

Haitian Jack was deported back to Haiti because he was involved in criminal offenses and he was behaving against the law.

Who is Haitian Jack’s wife?

We don’t have clear info on Haitian Jack’s wife nor about his family.

Why does Haitian Jack wear a scarf?

If you have seen the photos of Haitian Jack he always wears a scarf and we don’t know the exact reason for that.

Can Haitian Jack come back to America?

Not sure if that can happen in the future as Haitian was forcefully sent back to Haiti.

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