Desi Banks Net Worth 2022 | American Comedian and Youtuber

Desi Banks is a well-known American social media sensation, comedian, entertainer, actor, and host. 

Desi Banks is born and bought up in Atlanta, Georgia and he was born on 9th May 1993. As of 2022, Desi Banks is 25 years old.

Desi Banks is the stage name of the comedian and his real name is Desi Terrel Banks Jr.

In this article, we shall check out more about Desi Banks, Desi Banks net worth, and about his social media presence.

Desi Banks Net Worth 2022

Desi Banks has been in the comedy industry for more than 4 years now and is quickly rising to fame because of his mind-blowing talent.

To talk about Bank’s education he has completed a bachelor’s degree. He went to Georgia state university to learn sociology.

From a young age, Desi Banks loved playing football and he says that football has thought him a lot in life which he applies in life every now and then.

His success as a comedian made Desi Banks to even start a Desi Banks production company and was able to produce more than 2K original videos until now.

According to many sources, Desi Banks net worth is estimated to be around $7 Million. His net worth comes from his comedy events and from sponsorships from his various social media profiles.

Desi Banks Instagram

Instagram is like a money sauce for Desi Banks as his instagram profile is being followed by 7.5M followers! Desi Banks is super active on Insta and will always have something to post and make your day!

Desi Banks instagram profile

Desi Banks Twitter

If you can check Desi Bank’s Twitter profile you can see that he is very much active on this social media platform. Desi Bank’s Twitter id is @iamdesiBanks.

Desi Banks twitter profile

Desi Banks Youtube

Now, let’s check Desi Banks youtube channel which is growing day by day and has more than 1.9M subscribers as of 2022.

The channel name is Desi Banks was created in 2014 and has uploaded 505 videos to date with over 560M views of all his uploaded videos.

It is estimated that Desi Banks makes at least $15K from his YT video ads. 

One of the Desi Banks video named “how hood dudes be” had gone viral and below the video of the same.

Desi Banks TikTok

Desi Banks is on TikTok too with a following of 1.3M followers and has uploaded 118 videos which have received 9.3M likes.

Desi Banks on TikTok

Desi Banks Facebook

Desi Banks facebook profile name is DesiBanks4real which has 2.7 million followers and if you use FB often then you can follow Desi Banks on facebook.

Desi Banks Facebook profile

Desi Banks Movies

Notably, Desi Banks has acted in a few movies as other than being a full-time comedian he is an actor too. Some of the movies in which Desi Banks acted include love by chance, little and bloom.

Thoughts on Desi Banks

Desi Banks puts his hard work and it shows up and moreover, Desi Banks is still young and people already love his content and comedies.

If Desi Banks keeps grinding, he’ll make a big name for himself. Let us know what is your opinion on Desi Banks?

FAQ’s on Desi Banks

Is Desi Banks Married?

No Desi banks isn’t married yet.

Does Desi Banks  Have A Wife?

Desi banks don’t have a wife as he isn’t married yet but looks like he has a girlfriend with whom he had a son as well. We don’t know the name of his GF as he didn’t reveal her name anywhere on social media.

How Much Is Desi Banks Worth?

Desi Banks is worth more than 7 Million USD

Where Does Desi Banks Live?

At present, Desi Banks lives in Atlanta.

How Old Is Desi Banks?

Desi Banks is 25 years old.

What Is Desi Bank’s Real Name?

Desi Terrell Banks is the real name of Desi Banks.

When Is Desi Banks’ Birthday?

Desi Banks celebrates his birthday every year on 9th of May.

Did Desi Banks Play Football?

Yes, Desi Banks did play football and he was the receiver in the Panthers football team. He played as a receiver for Morehead University and later Georgia State University.

How Much Does Desi Banks Charge For His Events?

Desi Bank’s price for comedy show events usually starts at $35 but can vary depending on certain factors

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