Use This Cream To Get Rid Of Dark Circles [Works Great]

The role of the eye is great in beauty. But today’s stressful life gives us a dark circle, swelling around the eye. This can make our beauty to diminish. 

So it is very important to keep our eyes free of these problems.

To maintain eye health, we should use eye creams. You may find that homemade creams are much safer than the chemical creams available on the market. So we will explain about such eye creams today.

Cream To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Below are some eye creams you can make at home:

Aloe vera and Rose Water Eye Cream:

This is one of the easiest DIY creams to make for your eyes, and pigmentation helps to reduce the dark spots under the eyes. 

Not only does this natural cream keep your eyes super hydrated. 

For this you need a mixing bowl, aloe vera gel, rose water and vitamin E capsule. Take 2 Tbsp Aloe vera gel and mix 2 Vitamin E capsules into it. 

Add some drops of rose water and coconut oil to the cream to thin it out and leave it for a while. Then apply it under your eyes, massage it for a while, and wash your face the next morning.

Shea Butter and Chamomile Cream: 

These are important ingredients in natural ingredients that hydrate the skin. Shea butter and chamomile reduce the dryness, itching, and sensitivity of your eyes. 

To make this amazing eye cream you need 1 teaspoon of shea butter and 12 drops of pure chamomile essential oil. 

Heat the shea butter in a skillet, add the chamomile to it, mix well, and let cool. Apply it under the eyes. You will notice immediate relief from pain and itching.

Cucumber and Peppermint Cream: 

Cucumber is quite watery and this cream is effective in removing all the pain and stress in the eyes. 

Apart from this, peppermint is a good refrigerant and is rich in properties that freshen the skin. Eliminate dark circles and reduce eye swelling. 

For this, mix both ingredients with rose water and a teaspoon of raw milk, then place it into a mixing bowl, add some drops of olive oil, and mix. Apply this cream under your eyes, massage it well and let it absorb.

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